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Climate Control

Climate control for greenhouses is perhaps the greatest challenge when designing your new greenhouse structure. In the past decade the use of climate control systems has grown dramatically as growers realise the advantages of maintaining optimum growing temperatures, increasing circulation and controlling light and humidity levels.


Thermo-Reflective Screens
* Automated or manual
* Reduce summer plant temperatures by up to 12ºC
* Increase night time temperatures by up to 6ºC
* Reduce heating costs by up to 50%
* Reduce dew drop and disease
* Provide a better work environment

Extraction and circulation fans are an efficient and economical way of controlling rising temperatures and providing gentle air movement.

Evaporative Cooling Pads
In combination with extraction fans, evaporative cooling pads are capable of producing a dramatic decrease in ambient greenhouse temperatures.


As air flows past the moist pad surfaces, some of the moisture evaporates into the air stream. Heat is withdrawn from the air during this process and the air leaves the pad at a lower temperature with higher moisture content.

Heat Mats
Heat mats provide new seedlings and cuttings with warm roots that will grow bigger, stronger and faster than their cold tray cousins.


GreenLife Structures can design and supply complete heating systems or individual components.


Custom sized heating mats to fit your benches
Manifolds and piping
Gas or electric hot water systems

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