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Bird & Insect Netting Suppliers

Protective Canopies

GreenLife Structures designs and constructs protective canopies & netting structures which prevent damage from hail, heat, wind, birds, bats and insects.


Industries that have benefited from protective structures like bird netting, fruitfly netting and hail netting include orchards, nurseries, aquaculture, market garden and hydroponics, livestock, car and caravan storage, council landfills and the mining industry.


Our protective canopies have proven strength and durability in even the most extreme weather conditions. As well as protection from pests & fruit flies our structure will provide reduced sun and heat stress, reductions in evaporation rates and hail, wind, rain and frost protection.


Depending on your application a protective canopy and netting structure will meet your requirements using our expansive range of protective nets and the following structure design considerations.


* Flat or pitched roof for hail protection
* Shade factors
* Wind protection factors
* Canopy height
* Vertical or angled side walls
* Internal post layout
* Bird and bat exclusion
* Insect and fruit fly exclusion structure

* Double galvanised cable
* High tensile galvanised wire
* Galvanised anchor rods and screws
* Galvanised cable splices
* PVC hail links and sleeve
* Hardwood, treated pine or steel posts



Hail & Shade Protection Nets
* 6mm Quad Net - Black only
* 8mm Quad Net - Black/White
* 12mm Quad Net - Black/ White/Grey
* 16mm Quad Net - Black/White/Grey
* Hailguard - White

Insect Protection Nets
* Insect Screen - Natural
* Fruit Fly Net - Clear


Bird Protection Nets
* 20mm Quad Net - Black/White/Grey
* 24mm Quad Net - Black/White/Grey
* 16mm Birdnet - Black/White
* 17mm Heavy Birdnet - Black
* 37mm Batnet - Black/White
* 75mm Aquanet - White
* 16mm Vinenet - White


Shadecloth - 2m & 4m Wide
* 30% Shadecloth - Black/Green/White
* 50% Shadecloth - Black/Green/White
* 70% Shadecloth - Black/Green/White
* 80% Shadecloth - Black/Green
* 90% Shadecloth - Black

Recreation & Safety Nets
*Full range of nets available for
all safety & sporting needs


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